Judy - Short Term Missions Leader, USA

Why do I love Ostroda Camp? Ostroda Camp truly has a world view, inviting both children and adults from around the world to learn and serve. The staff are dedicated to Christ, the Bible studies and Chapel services are varied and genuine, and the activities are age-appropriate, creative and lots of fun! From my first visit 4 years ago, the campers and staff of Ostroda Camp continually wrap themselves around my heart! This summer (2017) will be my 4th trip and I'm so excited to return to Ostroda Camp!!

Tetiana - Summer Intern, Ukraine

I have been an intern at Ostróda Camp for 5 summers in a row and it was definitely a blessed time and an exciting experience. The opportunity to serve  Holocaust Survivors, Ukrainian Kids, Polish kids & youth, as well as teens from Israel together with Godly missionaries from many countries made a great impact on my own life and helped me grow spiritually. Among my responsibilities were translation, worship, leading games, being a counselor, etc. The great thing about being an intern is the community life — once you are at Ostroda Camp, you are part of the family. Just like in a real family, you contribute and serve whenever and wherever it is needed, but you are also supported, as you work alongside the likeminded people. The amazing sense of belonging was definitely highly important for me — it helped me to reveal talents and be a fruitful servant. 

If you love ministry and want to see the deepest corners of your heart, I would absolutely suggest giving it a shot and serving at Ostroda Christian Camp. It is  a truly rewarding experience.

Monika - Family Camp Leader, Poland

For me, Ostróda Camp is a place of escape from my crazy busy life, from a narrow staircase in a big city building, from not-so-easy relationships. It is a place of escape where I can gain harmony with my Creator, myself, my family and others. 

For my family and me, it is a place where we serve other people with humility and love. It is a place where we learn how to be disciples of Christ as well as make Christ followers of others. It is a place of encounters …. not-so-ordinary meetings. 

For my friends, it is a place full of memories. It is also the place of the first and most important, spiritual birth.  And finally, it is home, maybe not-so-perfect, but home. 

For many people there for the first time, Ostróda Camp is the place where something starts, where they meet Somebody, where they want to change their lives for Somebody.  It is the place of endings and beginnings …. .

Małk - Student Leader, Poland

What do I like about Ostróda Camp? Hmmm… That’s a good question. I always loved coming here for summer vacation. This will be my 11th summer a row and I’m only 17. I’ve never thought about what exactly attracts me here the most. All in all, that’s the place where I got to know God better. I come from a believers family but actually it was Ostróda Camp where I realized that God was nice and I didn’t have to be afraid of Him. He wasn’t that old guy with a rod who sees all your faults and severely punishes you for them as I thought. 

Besides spiritual aspect of Ostróda Camp, which is the most important, I like it there because of a wonderful atmosphere among campers, leaders, and even the cooks (which is really rare at a camp). Besides the people, I also like beautiful grounds, peaceful lake, and nice soccer fields. To sum up, I love Ostróda Camp, it is such a special place. I always think of it when we pass Ostróda on Route 7. 

Mateusz - Student Leader, Poland                                                                           

Ostróda Camp is a special place to me. I have come here every summer since I was 10 and now I can’t even imagine summer vacation without time spent in Ostróda Camp. My journey with Christ started here and each summer I come back to Ostróda Camp I grow deeper in relationship with Jesus. It’s also been a place for me to form new relationships and strengthen ones from the years before. Ostróda is like this magical place where you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit that makes you want to come back again. 

Inna - Summer Intern, Ukraine

I clearly remember first time I arrived at Ostróda Camp.  I knew it was going to be my home for the next three months but I had no idea what to expect. That day I couldn’t even imagine that my time at Ostróda Camp would be one of the most significant periods in my life. 

My main responsibility as an intern at Camp was housekeeping and I loved doing it. Other than my daily responsibilities I was able to help with camp programs and projects, and even got to go on a few trips with some of the camps. I was also blessed with an opportunity to experience 8 completely different camps. Each and every camp was truly special and sometimes I was astonished how God was using such various methods to reach to the hearts of His children. 

It has been two years since my “Ostróda summer” and I am still unspeakably grateful to God for the possibility to spend time there and for the precious experience that I had. It was time for me to learn who I was and who God was, get to know people and learn how to communicate with them. It was a place where I met new real friends and where my previous friendships became stronger.