Are you looking for something to do this summer? Trying to figure out how God can use your gifts? Why not join the internship team here at Ostróda Camp? 

Each summer young adults join together, to serve our campers. We have an exciting and dynamic summer program that will both challenge and grow you. If you're ready to step out in faith and open yourself to be used by God then this is the place for you! 

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Short Term Missions

Are you a Pastor, Church Leader or someone who is passionate about missions? Join us for a Short Term Missions Trip! 

Each year missions teams from many nations make their way to Ostróda Camp to serve with our team. No matter what your team's passion is we have an opportunity for you. From working with youth and kids to building and facility projects there is always a way to get involved. 

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Prayer warriors, we need you! 

If you are passionate about prayer we encourage you to sign up for monthly updates or to reach out to us directly to find out how you can be praying for the team here at Ostróda camp as well as our various activities and camps. 

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October 4-14, 2019 
Individuals welcomed!

MISSION TRIP GOAL :                                                                                                                         Dismantle the old amphitheater and BUILD a new one at Ostróda Christian Camp, Poland.  

The amphitheater is used daily by groups in the summer and is a very important part of camp life. 
It is a strategic place where many people make life-changing decisions for Jesus Christ.  
We will basically prepare the setting for people encountering God as they participate in camps and events organized at this great Christian facility.  

Expected activities and involvement:
  • Dismantle existing amphitheater, currently constructed of railroad ties and pine lumber
  • Dig narrow trenches for concrete poles and panels which will serve as retaining wall
  • Prepare (stain and cut to custom size) the lumber for making wooden benches
  • Take part in Sunday or midweek service in the local church 
  • Daily fellowships 
Housing:  On location (guestrooms at Ostroda Christian Camp) 

Team of 5-6 people

Transportation: Once in Poland, team will travel by van and public transportation which is very convenient in Poland. 

Sightseeing: We will be introduced to local history and see some historic places.

Cost: in country of Poland $650
ADDITIONAL costs are:  airfare (USA-Poland-USA), travel insurance, and some pocket money. 

contact and info: Andrzej (Andrew) Korytkowski                                                                                        phone: 860 800 4492                                                                                                                                   email: